Meet the Pennsylvania Militia Spotted at Deadly #Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

Members from the Latrobe, Pennsylvania based Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia were some of the many militia members spotted at today’s deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The event, dubbed Unite the Right, was held in the city’s response to remove Confederate statues, and this was the second demonstration held by white supremacists in Charlottesville this summer.

In June, members from the same militia organization were spotted at the Harrisburg March Against Sharia.  One member from this militia, Christian Yingling, who is pictured on the right in the tweet below, commented on our reporting from the event and told us that “there were MULTIPLE militias present as well as APIII% groups and the Oath keepers.”

In the picture, one of the militia members that Yingling is standing with is seen wearing a III Pecenter Confederate Flag patch.  The III%’ers (Three Percenters) started in 2008 as an armed anti-government militia and have had a presence at anti-Islam demonstrations over the past couple of years.  My Militia claims that there are at least 14 active anti-government militias active in Pennsylvania, which includes a state wide Three Percenter chapter.


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156 Comments on Meet the Pennsylvania Militia Spotted at Deadly #Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

  1. It was a “white Nationalist” rally – not supremacist – that is a different group….. this rally was planned over a year ago – they had a permit – at the last minute the police revoked it while the group was already assembled – then BLM and ANTIFA showed up – the rest is a mess of hatred and violence…..

    • Yeah! WTF are these people not joining the military if they love playing soldier so much. They can do it full time in the Army. I guess they don’t want to make those kind of sacrifices for the country they supposedly love. I did it.

        • The militias were the only ones keeping both sides apart when the cops stood down. It’s not fake. I personally know the people in those pictures!

          • Yeah, right,… and we need to believe you … because? THEY ARE TERRORISTS WHO MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE USING A CAR, LIKE THE COWARDS THEY ARE! And you know them? THEN GIVE THE POLICE THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESSES, or be guilty by association!

          • For opposing white supremacists? REALLY? LOL! Where did YOU appropriate that name? A Native American you AIN’T! You sound like a paid troll! One only has to look at your “comments”, on your profile, to spot the pattern … Short, inane, devoid of any content apart form insulting those who oppose you. THAT is what gives you away as a classic TROLL: most likely a JUNKIE, getting his crack, crystal meth or smack in exchange for your spewed venom. So you created at least one (but probably a few) profiles posing as a real, bona fide human being, when you are nothing of the sort. YOU ARE A NAZI-FASCIST PAID TROLL!… and that is a piece of rotting flesh that walks and almost talks… but mostly oozes PUS!

          • I am proud of being Antifascist, I am Roman born and bred and I KNOW for a fct what Fascism does, and I VOMIT my disgust on you… filthy little Junkie, INBRED, Nazi AmmarraKKKan posing as a Native American… the ONLY Americans, in fact.. the rest are all INVADERS!

      • These guys have no place at a public rally. If even ONE of them had discharged their weapons, which would have likely ended in a a felony, it could have triggered a massive outburst of bullets flying and mass carnage. Even Wyatt Earp knew better than to allow weapons in town.

        • Even a single, well placed shot in self defence from one of those rifles could have overpenetrated and hit other people in the crowd. If these dummies want to wear plate armor and carry battle rifles, the Kurds would be happy to let them volunteer in fighting ISIS.

          • You really think a guy named yingling is able to make a well placed shot with his walmart assault rifle?

          • That is no walmart rifle. I am willing to bet he shoots a lot. Still he is a goddamn Nazi and There is no need for this type of crap in America.

          • or anywhere on Earth, for that matter… Maybe we could lure them into an auditorium that is actually a giant capsule, and shoot them off into space… or even the sun! LOL! Jokes apart, though, you’re absolutely right, there is no room for Nazis in the XXIst Century. So let the sane people who want peace stick together.. hands across the Earth! <3 Be well, be loved, be happy! <3

      • I can see you have never read the words or wishes published by our forefathers. America wasnt supposed to ever have a have, dedicated military because they recognized that country owned military often only achieved helping tyrannical governments and oppressed it’s own citizens as much as it would oppress nearby lands.

        These are men who understand the constitution.

        The Rebel flag has nothing to do with slavery. The flag represented people who cared about states rights and recognized the federal government’s power to create tyranny.

        You also must not have read Abraham Lincoln’s books he wrote or you would know that even he said the war’s main goal was never to free the slaves but to unite the union.

        Read history other than just what public schools try to brainwash us with.

        • Bullshit. Yes we were never intended to have a dedicated military but you’re not going to put that toothpaste back in the tube. WE have a dedicated military, so these knuckleheads are no longer needed. That’s why the 2nd Amendment has the stipulation about a militia that most gun nuts seem to conveniently disregard.

          That flag now represents racists. It doesn’t matter who it USED TO represent anymore.

          What does Lincoln’s original intent was for the war, the result was both the saving of the union and the freeing of the slaves. Of course, Lincoln’s intent doesn’t negate the fact that the south was seceding to make sure the north couldn’t take away the slavery system.

          Stop being an apologist for racists gun nuts.

          • Lincolns original thoughts on slavery was to ship them back to Africa. It was not until 1863 that Lincoln decided to free them because he needed soldier son to fight. That year you had anti war riots across the Norteast.

        • And I can see you want to show off historical evidence that excuses white supremists to exist. Regardless of what the confederate flag represented before, it now represents hate, racism and intolerance. History should be learned so as not to repeat it, not to gloat that you might know something more than another.

        • Creating your own version of history does not make it true, but you have managed to show yourself as a terrorist sympathizer. You have no place here.

        • The US Constitution does not sanction the organization of private armies or self-styled militias. Article I, Section 8, clauses 11-16 enumerate Congresses war powers and grant Congress the power to raise an army, the only limited being that appropriations must be renewed biannually. Article I, Section 8 states that actual militias are subject to the regulation and authority of the laws enacted by Congress. Militias are, in fact, government sponsored military units, subject to Federal law and under the command of the government of the State in which they operate.

        • Abraham Lincoln’s gold may have been to keep the United States United, but the confederacies goal was to keep their slaves.

        • Abraham Lincoln’s goal was to keep the United States united. The Confederacy’s goal was to keep their slaves.

          • I am. Vaccines are poisons that mutilate and destroy children. Just like Nazis. Americans are a cross-eyed race of trailer trash that eat, sleep, breathe and shit one contradiction after another. No I am not afraid of measles, the Brady Bunch got the measles and survived to laugh another day, ordinary childhood illness does not need a ritual poisoning it needs good vegetable soup. Fuck Nazis

          • if I get the polio vaccine that just may happen. it’s probably the only way I will ever be exposed to that risk. do us a favor and get bent

        • Yeah, sure, the “States rights” to uphold slavery. How many times does the confederate constitution use the word slave or slavery?

        • Has nothing to do with racism? Nice attempt, but you’re either full of it or completely ignorant. Maybe look for some quotes from the racist who designed the flag.

          “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heavenly ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.” – William Thompson, designer of the Confederate flag.

          I might have a little more respect for you morons if you owned your positions instead of pretending they’re something else. Only thing worse than a racist moron is a cowardly racist moron who’s afraid to own their beliefs. If you can’t admit your position, I wouldn’t count on anyone respecting or caring about what your positions are.

        • You are a lying racist sack of shit. Every state that seceded very clearly laid out that slavery was the reason for it in their manifestos, google the cornerstone speech if you want to hear it laid out in stark terms.

          You want to defend the confederate traitor slavers, fine, but own it you racist coward piece of garbage.

        • This group of White Supremacists and Nazis came from all over the U.S. Very few were from VA. States’ rights? They should stay in their own states, not try to influence other states’ policies.

        • “The Rebel flag has nothing to do with slavery.”
          The flag of the Rebellion, the Rebellion that several states of the CSA specifically, explicitly, stated in their own “Articles of Secession” was about slavery, had* “nothing to do with slavery”?

          Is that your contention?

          *HAS?, The country that the flag represented no longer exists.

        • I’m sorry Tara but it’s evident by your comment you haven’t read your forefathers historical documents as well. Let’s start with the confederate constitution which specifically states several times the need for slavery, to keep their economy going. For you to say the rebal flag/civil war has nothing to do with slavery, is frankly, mind blowing. Please go back and research how the rich land and slave owners plead their case to local and state officials to save the way of life they had and in order to do that, guess what they needed??? SLAVES!! A free labor force to do the work that there weren’t nearly enough white people to do. They convinced the southern states and the many poor and uneducated people that a war against the evil north was necessary. And guess who went off to war, mainly the poor uneducated white people. Because by God your forefathers couldn’t have all these black people going around thinking they were equal to the with man. Mind you thousand of these slaves were actually skilled craftsman in many different trades. They weren’t just field hands picking crops. There are preserved records of slave sales to prove this. Can you image if they had freed the slaves, they would have been able to be very self sufficient. Especially since they were trained to plant and grow crops and build structures. So before making comments like you did. Please do your home work. I have done mine.

      • I hope shit like this would be rejected by our military. You really want these Nazis wearing the Uniform of A United States Militarily person?

        • So what the fuck happened? Didn’t want to get up early for PT? Didn’t want to be pissed tested anymore? Or were they kicked out?

        • Having served multiple combat tours I am left wondering why these guys even think they hold up American Ideals. I served with every color, creed, religion and political ideology there is and we had each others backs. Would these guys risk their lives to save a downed black or Jewish soldier? I know a black medic came for me when it was my turn to be the one down. Just saying.

    • They wern’t playing at anything. They went there prepared to fight the leftist thugs who showed up armed. Besides they probably were in the military. You’d
      Better wake up to the seriousness of the situation.

      • Their racists attitudes ARE causing this turmoil. ASK veterans who know. MOST are NOT happy with them OR their so called uniforms

        • That’s because Soldiers are men and women…. these are LICE! Like all parasites they hide and skulk in the shadows, exploiting the weak-minded and converting them to their parasitic modus operandi… Need a good, strong de-lousing spray… fire should do it!

      • Lice do nt have the right to wear uniforms, bear arms and kill innocent citizens. Now they need to be exterminated, down to the very last of them, and their children taken into care, re-educated to make them into safe humans again.

        • You’re no different then them, worse in fact. You refer to them the way Goering refer to Jews. So now everthing you just said shall be visited upon you. Hopefully you didn’t breed.

          • another headless chicken running around, pretending to be human… LOL! Your inferior intellect cannot distinguish between cause and effect. Goering WAS ONE OF THEM! and THAT is why Nazis are despised, hated and reviled the world over. I am three generations down the line and my progeny thrives, educated, intelligent, attractive and EVOLVED way beyond your chicken DNA… LOLOLOLOLOLOL! You ridiculous little pup… if you had dignity and intellect you’d be embarrassed… but you have neither, so I’ll leave you to your excremental existence. LOL!

      • hhhmmm…they didn’t trust the Charlottesville Police, State Police, or Va National Guard to protect them from snowflakes?? I’m really curious about this whole concept. Are they totally anti-government? An anarchist group?

      • BS! This country fought against rebels in the South and Nazis in Europe. The counter protesters stand against that same scum our soldiers have fought.
        Don’t you ever dare call anyone who stands against Nazis and racists leftist thugs, you terrorist sympathizer.

      • Donald Trump, during his campaign, gave more than a wink and a nod to white supremacists. Now, with Trump in the White House it’s no surprise the movement is emboldened.

      • Really I doubt any Liberials showed up armed with semiautomatic weapons like these racist wanna be. In fact when that car plowed though those people the onlt thing people where doing was marching peacefully down the street. You also have no clue if they were ever in the Military. Most of these guys would not be excepted because they are too fat or have questionable tattoos which are not allowed. There are a lot guys who sit around, drink beer and play Army on the weekend.

      • You are clearly one of their sympathisers, so get this into your head: IF YOU SUPPORT THEM YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, THAT MAKES YOU A NAZI! THEY ARE FILTHY, SUB-HUMAN TERRORISTS AND COWARDLY MURDERING S C U M ! If they were in the military, then the USA Army has a lot to account for!

      • HEAR! HEAR! People allow these terrorists to thrive by not challenging them, united in condemnation of their TERRORIST tactics!

      • Exactly like the Nazis in Germany, and like them they are cowards, using a car to murder pedestrians… EXACTLY like ISIL, Al Quaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Nusra… THESE are their natural allies, and that is why they must be stopped!

    • Pennsylvania is a republic BECAUSE of Pennsylvania militias who guaranteed your right to whine and bitch. Watch some video of the event those militias were the only thing preventing an even bigger blood bath while the police state of Virginia stood down to create a media event so people like you, again, can whine and bitch.

    • Actually the dude leading it, on the right, is a Navy Vet. From what I’ve read they weren’t part of the rally, or the protest for that matter. They simply went to help.keeo.thenliece and defend the First Amendment. Not saying I think they should’ve involved themselvea that way, just something I read.

    • OarhKeepers were NOT there. They were posting for a month against this rally and in opposition to White Supremacy. OathKeepers has a diverse membership and does NOT condone hate or bias.

      • Yes they were there, and AFTER the shit show, THEN they said they wouldn’t be a part of it. Get your fact straight numb nuts

    • Actually, according to what I read in the Wall Street Journal today most of them are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Why would the Governor or the chief of police allow these guy to come to the rally with automatic weapons or weapons of any sort? There is no way that would end well. I get it that they have open carry in that state but this was looking like a paramilitary operation. No city should have to put up with that shit.

    • yes, I thought the same thing…lol…wonder what they do for a living?? right?? they seem to be in need of something. Fear something…very sad

  3. They are likely encouraged that Steve Bannon is a member of Trump’s administration as chief political strategist. Bannon is a publicly professed “Lenninst” which means that he wants the total destruction of government. It is likely that his economics are what is called anarcho-syndicalism, a Libertarian version of communism but based on corporations rather than on government.

  4. In every civilised Nation the Nazis are OUTLAWED and anyone wearing Nazi regalia, memorabilia or insignia at such a rally would be ARRESTED. Why not here? The USA needs to pass laws that outlaw White Supremacists and Nationalists, arrest the lot, stick them in high security prisons and throw away the key! AND make them earn their keep too!

    • As disgusted as I am with them, the Westboro folks etc. it is their right to protest and I defend that right. They are defending secessionists from our union which is also’s a sad truth that we are a bigoted nation but true…we are an adolescent if not infant nation, at best, learning our way. Stay on the right side of history and morality.

      • The “right to protest” does not include the right to Hate Speech and to advocate violence, or the eradication of a race/ethnicity, nationality, Faith etc. That is the hallmark of civilised Nations. In the Third Millennium there is no room for incitement to hate, which is incompatible with “free speech”, owing to the fact that it automatically denies others their freedom, civil rights and even their very existence, spurring sympathisers to act on these exhortations. This not only breaks the law AND upsets the peace, but it is beneath ALL decency. As an aside: “MORALITY” is a faith-based construct, while ETHICS *should* be universal, (but sadly are not)… For example: it may not be considered “moral” to be promiscuous, but ultimately to an Atheist that is of no consequence, BUT it would be *universally” considered unethical to seduce someone in a relationships, especially if they have children and are otherwise happily married/committed… if you see what I mean.

      • there is no right to riot and disturb the peace. notice they never “rally” out in the woods or up on a mountain. invasion of public space is a public danger

  5. These Pennsylvanians are a disgrace. They are an embarrassment to decent Pennsylvanians. They need to be exposed for the racist hateful criminals they really are.

  6. How many facts can you possibly get wrong in one article. All of them.
    My favorite being the III% started in 1988! That’s hysterical!!
    Clearly you know nothing of history OR patriot groups.
    It’s a shame that completely biased ignorant reporting dominates this country.
    You’re worthless.
    And you wonder why you’re considered fake news.

    • because nobody cares about your facts. why don’t you go away instead so we don’t have to look at you anymore? go seek attention out in the state game lands where there is no one to bother instead of invading our public spaces.

  7. Remember the sniper in Dallas shooting police officers. A bunch of these armed “patriots” showed up and when the shooting started they ran like a bunch of scared rabbits. Easy to be a big mouth with a gun, its another thing when someone shoots back.

  8. Toy soldiers , don’t play soldier take your asses to AfghanistanJoin the real military. Out there equipped like the real military to shoot people with pea guns how cowardly is that. They must feel like real big men. I have been there done that and they wouldn’t even qualify.

  9. Screaming, Violent, Angry, Petulant, Drugged-up AntiFa & co-conspirators with their villainous scheming Marxist Civil Rights Violating Puppet Masters WILL try to kill you if you disagree with any opinion.
    Learn it, Live it, Love it!

  10. You know how they have different versions of the bible ……well are their different versions of history, too? If so, only ONE version can be correct. Facts are facts and not subject to variations according to some bridge somebody is trying to sell

  11. Curious on you fellow americans… I live under a nationalist government that has been in power for 60 years now…

    Because like you whites we think we are under threat being taken over by minorities so we have actual quotas on many things for example

    – Only malays can be leaders of GLC or actually become the Prime minister
    – The army is almost exclusively Malay and some regiments are malay only…
    – if you are malay you get to purchase property about 10-15% less than someone isn’t malay
    – as a malay you can enter any state uni where else non malays are not allowed to enter certain uni and usually end up in more expensive private universities
    – as a malay you can get various loans from the government to start up companies and some loans are almost at 0 collateral
    – as a malay you actually have a special access to a fund management company that has returns around 8-12% returns way above what u can get in fix deposits (others have access to)
    – the list goes on

    but here is the thing its being fought and being challenged to be removed… With many refusing to take this “Rights” anymore… because while its original reasoning was to make the “sons of soil” competitive and alleviate poverty it didnt work cause majority of them have become reliant on handouts, extremely corrupt, uncompetitive outside those protective layers and most importantly ignorant… so much so now it is too big to fail hence why the political party UMNO – which stands for United Malay National (ist) Organization has been in power for 60 years…

    And P.S the minorities still control the economy… even with all this “perks”

    If this wets your far right dream then read more here

    But I would say if you go down this route u will be forever living under a fake sense of racial pride. P.S apparently my PM and Trump are good friends… must be the billionaire thing…

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