Out d’Coup | McConnell’s Epic Healthcare Fail; Shocking News from McCain;Sean @ DC Healthcare Protests; PASSHE Chancellor Quits; Metcalfe Whines; Musk AI Warning; Plus Space & Beer News!

John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to the Mayo clinic in Phoenix, AZ. The prognosis is not good for McCain. McCain’s announcement drew some of the attention away from Mitch McConnell’s colossal failure to repeal and replace Obamacare. The CBO scores McConnell’s last ditch attempt to repeal the ACA without replacing it. According to the report, more than 32 million Americans would be thrown off health insurance – a full 10 million more than under the GOPs repeal and replace plan. Trump orders Senate Republicans to come up with a repeal and replace plan. Late night meetings yield diddly. Sean Kitchen heads to DC for health care protests. 155 people arrested. Pennsylvania activists were there as well and converged on Senator Toomey’s DC office – there is no place you can hide Senator. And Sean gets a close up of a Rand Paul staffer…and he’s exactly what you’d expect.

Less than a week after a consultants report on the future of PA’s State System of Higher Education was released, Chancellor Frank Brogan announces his “retirement.” Brogan was hired almost four years ago through an unprecedented secret search process in which search committee members were forced to sign confidentiality agreements by former Board of Governors chair, Guido Piccini. Brogan’s hiring was the third straight chancellor from Florida who rose the political ladder as Jeb Bush’s right-hand-man in education, despite a lack of academic credentials. I guess secret processes don’t lead to the best-qualified candidate, do they, Guido? Jess King launches her challenge to Smucker to a pretty impressive crowd. And, Daryl Metcalfe breaks down and cries again after getting called a racist.

In space news, Elon Musk warns that government needs to regulate the development of AI before robots start killing people in the street. Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station. NASA releasing hundreds of videos to YouTube. Pennsylvania climate to be like Texas by 2100. Free Will Brewing sells out almost immediately of its Cloudy2 can release last week. Freewill’s collaboration with Lavante Brewing was a New England-style IPA and it’s awesome. And it’s Shark Week…in Harrisburg. Or, at least at Pizza Boy?


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