President Trump And His Love Affair With A Little Blue Bird

President Trump And His Love Affair With A Little Blue Bird

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump loves Twitter. He tweets quite a bit, often times causing those on the other end of his tweets to scratch their heads. He does this every day, multiple times a day. Regardless of his Twitter love affair, there is something much bigger here: replacing traditional press briefings in favor of the famed 140-character social network.

Let’s make something very clear. Sean Spicer, the current White House Press Secretary, is no gem behind the podium, but there is something to be said for having daily press briefing and having a buffer between the president and the press.

With Trump’s use of Twitter, there is no buffer. If any president could benefit from a buffer it’s him.

The benefit of using a press secretary is that there is one point of contact with the Executive Branch. With Trump’s tweeting, this is subverted, leading to a disjointed and often inaccurate version of the topics affecting the country.

How Does He Still Have A Phone? And Why Is It Still Connected To Twitter?

What baffles me is that Trump still has a smartphone that can access Twitter. Former-president Barack Obama had to fight to have a phone, albeit extremely secure and limited. Regardless of what you think of Obama’s politics and views, you’d have to admit he’s a bit more polished than Trump. So why on Earth are they letting our current president have online access to the extent he has currently?

Twitter Is Being Used As the Megaphone for This Administration.

With Twitter playing a vital role with Trump and his communication with the outside world, one can’t help but wonder what dangers lie in taking this communication approach. I hope he uses Twitter’s, albeit crappy, Two-Factor authentication on his Twitter accounts. The last thing we need is the President of the United States’ Twitter account being hacked by (cough…cough) Russian hackers.

Ironically he’s been quoted as saying…

“Twitter will soon be irrelevant if lowlifes are so easily able to hack into accounts.”

Is Trump’s Use Of Twitter Hurting The Country?

Is the use of Twitter hurting the country? Yes, because it exposes our country to ridicule and often subverts proper diplomatic interactions and exchanges. Though it can also be a good thing. Yes, I said good thing. Though maybe a bit too optimistic a view, having our president air his dirty laundry on Twitter gives the World and those in the US a glimpse into the inner workings of the Trump presidency and the man himself.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem that the Tweeting president is going to stop anytime soon. 

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