Out d’Coup | Comey; UK Labor Party Shows Us the Way; CA Closer to Single-Payer; People’s Budget; Sen. Regen Tours Big Gas; & more!

Comey testifies…media thrilled to be back in a normal news-as-entertainment mode as Republicans use the cover of the hearings to advance healthcare bill. Is Jeff Sessions preparing to fall on his sword to save a Trump presidency? Teresa May pretends her party didn’t just get a shellacking. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn shows that true left progressive agendas have broad appeal. Is this the new progressive playbook? California seems to think so as the state advances its single-payer health care program.

It just may be time for a serious discussion of Universal Basic Income. Finland’s experience finds a significant decline of people’s stress levels. Corbyn introduced the idea that UBI may provide a solution to automation. Turns out that there were some experiments with UBI in the U.S. and Canada in the 1970s.

In the resistance this week, March for Truth in cities across the nation. Sean Kitchen was on hand in Harrisburg. In Harrisburg, March for People’s Budget takes over the Capitol rotunda…then the streets. Senator Mike Regan pays a visit to Range Resources as he introduced legislation criminalizing pipeline protesters. Scott Wagner takes to the airways to embrace John Oliver’s scathing critique of Wagner as climate change denier. And looks like there may be a showdown in Harrisburg this week as anti-racist activists plan on blocking an anti-Muslim, white supremacist march.

Planned Parenthood fundraiser this weekend at the Allentown Brew Works. Turzai bowls in Capitol building. Oldest human fossils found…105,000 years older than previously known fossils. Free Will Brewing closes out its indoor beer garden as part of Philly Beer Week. Pizza Boy brings the mint in new release. And so much more.

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