Out d’Coup | Trumps Exits Climate Accord; FEMA & NOAA leaderless for Hurricane Season; Fascism on the Rise; March for Truth; PA Budget Rally; Charlie Dent Embraces Gianforte; Philly Beer Week & more!

Trump pulls out from Paris Climate Agreement. Silicon Valley comes out strong against the decision. While the Trump organization indulges in right-wing climate conspiracy insanity, will exiting the Paris Agreement lead to a more “muscular movement?” Apparently, the Weather Channel is all in. ExxonMobil shareholders force the company to disclose costs of climate change. Activists flood to the White House in protest of Trump’s announcement.

Hurricane season starts with no one in charge of FEMA or NOAA.

A week after a Portland, Oregon white supremacist, Jeremy Joseph Christian, killed two men and seriously wounded a third after the men intervened to stop Christian from berating two women of color with racist hate speech, how will communities respond? Meanwhile, Washington State Trump campaign operative rewards right-wing “free speech warrior,” with a portrait of Trump for his handy work during the violent clashes at Berkeley in April.  And let’s not forget the nooses that are appearing around Washington, D.C. including the new Smithsonian African-American History Museum, Will we still see more pundits telling us to “ignore them and they’ll go away,” or will we be force that will push back the ugly growth of fascism? Time will tell. Maybe take some advice from Timothy Snyder’s new book, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.

The March for Truth is happening across the country on Saturday calling for an independent investigation of Trump’s and his campaign’s ties to Russia. Sean Kitchen will be featured in the March for Truth in Harrisburg. Rick Smith will be in New York City.

More than 200 Inauguration Day Anti-Trump protesters facing 80-year prison terms. More than 130 of those arrested have joined a “points of unity” agreement to reject plea deals requiring selling out fellow activists.

It’s budget season in Pennsylvania. Monday will be a day of action in the state Capitol. Legislators return to Harrisburg on Monday and face another contentious session ahead of the June 30th budget deadline. Activists will be filling the Rotunda and the Capitol steps beginning Monday morning. For more details, go to PAChoice.org/BudgetAction.

So-called Republican Moderate Charlie Dent says he’ll welcome the journalist-assaulting freshman congressman from Montana, Greg Gianforte. Dent sticks his head in the sand, saying “we don’t know all the facts” about Gianforte’s assault on Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.

Philly Beer Week starts today. It’s always Sunny Side Up in Philadelphia. Pizza Boy will be in Philly this week. Summertime convinces Sean and Kevin to get active to break out of Trump fatigue. Shout out to Blooming Glen Farms.

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