Two Organizers and Seven Members of Steamfitters Local 420 Arrested in Delco

Author’s note:  The title doesn’t properly reflect who was arrested.  It was an organizer, a business agent and seven members who were arrested. 

Editor’s Note: 5/8/2017 Title corrected to more clearly reflect article content. 

Reports are coming in that an organizer, a business agent and seven members from Steamfitters Local Union 420 were arrested at the Liberty Electric Power plant in Eddystone, Delaware County this morning.  The power plant is a natural gas burning plant that is owned by Exelon.  A picture of the arrests was sent to the Raging Chicken Press, and a member stated that the lawful picket line was conducted to save local jobs from out-of-state labor.

We will be following the story as things continue to develop.

Update:  All 9 members from Steamfitters LU 420 were released later in the day.  The out of state contractors hired for the job was M. Davis and Sons based out of Wilmington, Delaware.

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8 Comments on Two Organizers and Seven Members of Steamfitters Local 420 Arrested in Delco

    • Completely peaceful, very legal, picket line. Steamfitters were very polite to the officers who responded. Too bad the Eddystone police were absent from class the day they talked about labor laws and picket lines, which is a constitutional right as an American citizen. The Eddystone cop ( a part timer) who acted like John Wayne and wanted to completely disregard the laws of the United States of America, has opened himself, the Eddystone police dept, & the town of Eddystone, up for a major wrongful arrest lawsuit. Anyone know a good civil rights attorney?

      • Larry Krasner, he’s running for Philly DA! On a serious note, do you know what the charges were? Wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone close to the situation and the Eddystone police office apparently doesnt take phone calls on the weekend.

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