#PAGov: Scott Wagner’s Wikipedia Page Updated to Reflect His “Irrational Fear of Video Cameras” & Views on Climate Change

Pennsylvania’s wannabe Tony Soprano and leading Republican gubernatorial contender, Senator Scott Wagner, may want to call the cyber police to bully the troll who vandalized his Wikipedia page.  Major changes have appeared on the Senator’s Wikipedia page since he made a couple of high profile gaffes over the past month.

At the end of March, Senator Wagner theorized that the Earth is getting warmer because the Earth is getting closer and closer to the sun with every passing moment.  Then yesterday Senator Wagner was filmed ripping a camera out of the hands of a political tracker from the American Bridge super pac.  It only took the Senator four and a half minutes for the Senator to realize he was being recorded by an outsider, which doesn’t beat the record it took for me to get ejected from Wagner’s campaign kick-off at his Penn Waste plant.

The wikipedia page starts out with the following changes:

Scott Wagner (born in 1955) is an American businessman and state senator from the state of Pennsylvania for the 28th Senate district. He is a member of the Republican Party and has an irrational fear of video cameras.

And ends with:

Wagner rejects the scientific consensus on climate change. In March 2017, Wagner asserted that climate change was the result of Earth moving closing to the Sun and from greater body heat emanating from a greater number of humans. PolitiFact rated the claims as “false” and added “that movement closer to the sun, scientists say, wouldn’t have an impact on climate change… Also, there’s no evidence to suggest human body heat is at all related to global climate change.” The scientific consensus is that humans are primarily causing climate change through the production of carbon dioxide which exacerbates the Earth’s greenhouse effect.[13][14]

And it should be noted that Wagner’s campaign is still in full climate denial mode.  Day’s after his first gaffe campaign manger Jason High issued the following statement:

His comments were meant to illustrate that there are a lot of theories about what causes global warming. Scott is running for governor, not to be a scientist, so he will leave it up to scientists to figure out what the cause of global warming is.

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