GOP Congressman Scott Perry Blames God for Polluting the Chesapeake Bay at Town Hall

This past weekend Congressman Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District, held a town hall in York County.  The event was attended by hundreds of constituents and members from the local Indivisible chapter.

During the town hall, a constituent asked Congressman Perry the following question about the Trump Organization’s proposed budget cuts to the EPA:

How will you reclaim and protect our air and water reserves with the proposed cuts to the EPA?  Do you support the cuts to the EPA?  Pennsylvania has a history of environmental problems.  Air and water are shared across state lines.  Don’t we need a stronger EPA to protect the environment?


Congressman Perry responds with the following:

When I was in the state house, we had a thing called the Chesapeake Bay strategy, which everybody in this room if you live in this district has to abide by.  There was no law.  There was no statute.  This came out of the EPA, forced on the [Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection] and left some violators out.  And by the way, some violators, if you believe in, if you are spiritual and you believe in god, one of the violators was god because the forests were providing a certain amount of nitrates and phosphates to the Chesapeake Bay.

A State Impact story from April 2015 reports that “no other state contributes more pollution to the [Chesapeake Bay] than Pennsylvania, and its farms are the largest source of nutrient and sediment pollution.”  Last week in a letter to EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt, Acting DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell highlights the effects a 30% cut to the EPA would have in Pennsylvania.  On top of risking clean air and clean drinking water for millions of residents, “Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay program…would see funding completely eliminated.  This program would no longer be able to provide much-needed support to Pennsylvania small farmers and local governments to improve their local water quality.”

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6 Comments on GOP Congressman Scott Perry Blames God for Polluting the Chesapeake Bay at Town Hall

  1. Well they are at least coming up with creative new excuses for poisoning us to benefit their own greed. Now they are blaming God.

  2. God created people. People created Obamacare. Therefore God created Obamacare. The GOP is trying to destroy God’s work. God also created the EPA, for that matter.

    Sinners, every one of them. Treating God’s work like that.

  3. Perhaps a congressman whose district has a county with some of the worst air in the nation (and who took campaign $ from one of the biggest air polluters in the U.S. as well as the Koch brothers) should be asking God for assistance rather than blaming the almighty for pollution.

    See 50 second video clip here from same town hall:

    ** Here’s a link to American Lung Association new comprehensive report showing York county (part of Congressman Perry’s district) has some of the worst air quality in the nation (grade of “F”): Elderly people and children with breathing problems are literally gasping for air on some days in York, PA.

    Here is our congressman’s response on November 21, 2017 (where he questions the political motives of the American Lung Association):

    **GLATFELTER PAPER WAS JUST NAMED ONE OF THE WORST AIR POLLUTERS IN THE NATION and has committed numerous environmental violations. .

    Check out this 60 second video on Glatfelter toxic air pollution.

    And Glatfelter Paper has given thousands of dollars to our congressman’s campaign fund (the Koch brothers have given Perry money too): .
    Congressman Perry made a pretty bold statement on November 21, 2016. He was responding to a question about a new American Lung Association report that gives York county a grade of “F” on air quality. He indicated that he needed to look into this report. He then said, quote:

    “If York county does really have that kind of poor air quality, then I think that there’s a role for the federal and the state government to determine what makes it so and, if necessary, take some action.”

    Now that he’s had over 4 months to study the American Lung Association report and look into this, you would think he’d be prepared to follow through on his statement about bringing in the federal and state government to help clean up York county’s air. But at his 3/18/17 town hall (4 months after making those original statements), Perry blew off the question and referred the audience to Glatfelter Paper, referencing all the expenses they’ve had since being cited for clean air violations.

  4. My God, do these GOP tools even have two braincells to bang together? Apparently not. Nothing matters but profits for the folks that write them big checks. The rest of us can go die.

    I live on the Chesapeake….literally (I’m a livaboard, and no, before you Monsanto trolls chime in, I don’t dump my toilet in the bay–it composts–and I don’t use oil or gas–the boat is solar electric). I see the effects of this every day: Nutrient flooding followed by algae bloom followed by a bay full of dead fish. We have to get rid of corrupt idiots like this and put some people in office that will actually put public health and the health of our lands ahead of the interests of whoever wrote them the last campaign donation over 5 figures.

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