Trump’s “Deportation Nation” Comes to Harrisburg & Mayor Papenfuse Dismisses Concerns and Blames Newspaper Reporting

The Trump Organization’s “Deportation Nation” United States Tour of 2017 is making it’s rounds in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Regional news outlet PennLive reported that a number of ICE raids have taken place throughout the city’s Allison Hill neighborhood.  Pennlive’s original reporting reads:

Immigration agents have been rounding up undocumented immigrants in Harrisburg’s Allison Hill neighborhood, causing panic among the Hispanic population and sending some residents into hiding.

An organization, Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania, or MILPA, is planning a 6 p.m. news conference Monday about the raids, said Harrisburg City Councilwoman Shamaine Daniels. The event will be at the St. Francis Assisi Church in Harrisburg.

The raids have caused such fear in certain pockets of Allison Hill that some residents reportedly are afraid to go to the corner store, Olivera said.

After the original report of the ICE raids, Mayor Papenfuse, who owns a business and multiple properties in the city’s up and coming Midtown neighborhood, responded to the report by downplaying the raids and blaming the newspaper for “propagating rumors.”  The follow up read as:

“People are justifiably scared by the tone of the national conversation around immigration,” he said. “But what was alleged in this morning’s PennLive article is simply not true…Let’s have a serious conversation about immigration policy, but let’s not exploit people’s fears and cause even more rifts in the community by propagating rumors that are simply not true.”

The follow up report to the original story also indicates that as many as 200 people may have been taken into custody by ICE agents.  These claims were made by residents and local community leaders, but cannot be verified because ICE does not share information with the city.  However, the raids has gotten to the point where it has forced the Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania, an organization that represents the immigrant, to hold a press conference at 6PM on Monday evening and talk about the issues at hand.  City Councilwoman Shamaine Daniels believes that the increase in ICE raids are due to the fact that Pennsylvania is now priority state for ICE under the Trump Organization when it was not a priority target under the Obama Administration.

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