Out d’Coup | #GodlyHeritage with Rick Saccone; Tuesday with Toomey Arrests; Protests at the Chamber; #DemFail; This Week in Trumplandia; and, more!

This week in Trumplandia: It was Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. The ability to read a speech on a teleprompter leads some pretty gushing reviews by the media and several high profile Democrats. Knowing the Democrats have to steel themselves for a long fight, Democrats chose former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear to give the response to Trump. Beshear’s address helps insomniacs; but, leads most progressives to yell at their TVs. We’ll talk more #DemFail. Meanwhile, progressives in the states aren’t waiting for the national party to get it’s head out of the sand. More and more progressives looking to run for office and protests have not subsided.

Jeff Sessions first did not and then did have conversations with Russian operatives during the presidential campaign while serving as a surrogate for Trump. Session plays the nice old Klan – I mean man – card, emphasizing his “oh, golly gee…come to think of it” defense. He’s now recused himself from ongoing investigation of Trumps Russia ties.

Earlier this week Rep. Rick Saccone announced he was challenging Se. Bob Casey for Senate in 2018. Saccone helped protesters understand our #GodlyHeritage. Tuesday with Toomey activists arrested in Philadelphia for trying to meet with Toomey. This morning Sean got up bright and early to join activists from Lancaster Stands Up at a Chamber of Commerce meeting with Republican State Rep. Lloyd Smucker who has refused to hold town halls for his constituents. Sean was inside that meeting. And yours truly makes a debut on FSTV, doing the #ResistanceReport on the Rick Smith Show. Tune in to Rick’s show this and every Saturday at 7pm EST. You can tune in online at Freespeech.org. You can also tune in on the Dish Network, Direct TV, and with the FSTV app on Roku.

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