Dumbfounded, Perplexed, and Distraught

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I’m dumb-founded, perplexed, and distraught at what’s going on in our country.
Trump’s supporters keep saying that he’s keeping his promises. But is he?
He hasn’t drained the swamp and he’s just repealed important federal guidelines protecting the LGBTQI+ community. Trump has revoked Obama’s guidelines which extended Title IX’s protections to transgendered individuals. And what’s worse, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pure Evil, Less Qualified Swamp Creatures

His record, thus far, is not only reprehensible, it is downright evil. Trump is rewinding this country back 50 years.
The “swamp” hasn’t been drained. Instead it has been replaced by, astoundingly, less qualified swamp creatures.
We now have an education secretary that is hell-bent on privatizing public schools; a known bigot as Attorney General; a man who wants to kill the Environmental Protection Agency in charge of it; and, we even have a Secretary of State with clear associations with Russia and no experience in diplomacy. The list goes on-and-on.
You can’t make this stuff up.

Why Does The Working-Class And Poor Support A Party Who Doesn’t Represent Them AT ALL?

What astounds me the most are the poor and working class who still standby this president who clearly doesn’t have their best interest at heart. I’ve never been able to explain why the rural poor in great numbers support a party that doesn’t have their back.
I want to say it’s conservative values, the protection of the 2nd Amendment. But is that enough to not be given opportunities to climb out of poverty and have a chance to make a decent living? I guess not.

Trump’s No Republican. He Was A Democrat For Most Of His Life. He’s A Con Artist And America Fell For His Ruse.

 What people don’t realize, or don’t want to admit is that Trump is a con artist. For the longest time he was a Democrat, many say for most of his life. Trump isn’t president to serve anyone but himself, family, and friends.
How do I know this? Because he refused to release his tax returns and he refuses to divest from his companies (a clear violation of the Emoluments Clause in the U.S. Constitution) to just name two, of many, examples.
What Trump is doing is turning the American Presidency into a reality television show. That’s extremely dangerous and troubling.

Is There Hope?

What do you think? Is there hope? Or are we all doomed? Post your thoughts in the comments below.
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