All PA Electors Vote for Trump Despite Protests

Today is the day that the president of the United States is actually chosen. Yes, the Electoral College votes today. Pennsylvania’s twenty electors met in Harrisburg today to cast their votes for president.

Electors were called by name to walk to the front of the PA House chamber and deposited their ballots into a small wooden box. Shortly before 1:00 pm today, despite several raucous protests outside and inside the Capitol, Electors voted to give all of Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes to Donald Trump.

When the results were announced, the electors and official attendees broke into applause. As the applause subsided, loud audible voices were heard yelling “shame, shame, shame.”

PA Governor Tom Wolf was on hand to giving a rather uncontroversial, procedural speech highlighting the “peaceful transfer of power.” He emphasized that the electors will “follow the will of the people of Pennsylvania.”

So, it’s official. There are no Hamilton Electors in PA.

Here is the full stream of today’s meeting of the PA Electors:

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