Scarves for Justice on Etsy – By Louzilla Lovegood

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Lou Ryan and originally appeared on Louzilla Lovegood Letters.

When America elected Trump as president, I knew I had to take action to protect the marginalized groups he’s repeatedly promised to disenfranchise.

I also have a yarn stash that’s accumulated over the years from gifts, unfinished projects, and unstarted projects.

So I’m crocheting my way through my yarn stash for a good cause. I spent a large part of November making scarves that I’m now selling on Etsy. 100% of the proceeds from every scarf I sell will go to an organization that fights to protect our civil liberties. I am not making any profit off this.

Blue and white crochet scarf by Louzilla Lovegood

When you buy a scarf from my Etsy shop, include a note letting me know which organization you’d like the money to go to. If you don’t, I’ll choose for you, on a rotating basis.

Protect your neck and protect civil liberties at the same time.

The current list of organizations I’m partnered with (which should grow as I hear back from more of them):

Raging Chicken Press
Women’s Law Project
Thomas Merton CenterVisit Louzilla Lovegood on Etsy

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