Pennsylvania Democrat Finds Motivation from Louisiana to Introduce “Blue Lives Matter” Bill

Read it and weep.

Pennsylvania Democrat Frank Burns introduced “Blue Lives Matter” legislation in the House earlier this week.  This comes less than a week after Republican Representative Justin Simmons posted a tirade attacking and blaming President Obama for the police shootings in Dallas, Texas.  So much for taking personal responsibility.  This latest piece of legislation will make “crimes committed against law enforcement and corrections officers as hate crimes.”

Here’s the cosponsorship memo in its full:

In the near future, I will be introducing legislation to classify crimes committed against law enforcement and corrections officers as hate crimes in Pennsylvania.  My bill will add employment as a law enforcement officer to the categories of race, color, religion, and national origin currently protected by our state’s hate crime law.

Law enforcement personnel have been singled out for attacks across the country, just because they wear the uniform, most recently in Dallas where five police officers tragically lost their lives.  My legislation seeks to give law enforcement officers of the commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions, as well as corrections officers at state or county institutions, protected status under the states’ ethnic intimidation law.

Federal legislation to add law enforcement to the hate crimes law has the support of the Fraternal Order of Police, and the state of Louisiana overwhelmingly passed a similar state bill in May.

Law enforcement officers risk their lives daily so the people of this Commonwealth can enjoy peace and security.  They deserve the highest level of protection from targeted acts of violence the law can provide.  Please join me in co-sponsoring this important measure.  Thank you.

What’s more important is where Representative Frank Burns got his motivation for this bill.  Obviously, the murders of five police officers in Dallas is a key factor, but Burns points out that Louisiana passed a similar bill in May.  As we know, Alton Sterling was shot multiple times outside a Baton Rouge convince store.  The killing sparked numerous rounds of protests over the past week, and the city has turned into a war zone with the police acting as an occupying army terrorizing residents and protesters.

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