#PABudget: Democrats Asked Tom Wolf to Sign a Union Busting Bill They Didn’t Vote For

We’re not talking about voting here.  We’re talking about not even being present for a vote.

Democrats Jake Wheatly, Margo Davidson and Jordan Harris penned a letter asking Governor Tom Wolf to reconsider his veto threat on House Bill 805, a bill that would gut seniority rights from public school teachers.  All three of these representatives are supporters of charter schools in their respective districts.

According to Pennlive, they wrote:

“We have fought for years to bring the necessary resources and reforms to our education systems so that all students have a real opportunity to meet their dreams, but we cannot stand with you and watch what we all know to be a failed philosophy, continue to put our children second to adults,” they stated.

Here’s the thing though.  Wheatley, Davidson and Harris were no votes – or not even on the House Floor – for the passage of House Bill 805.  It’s pretty astonishing that these legislators are asking Governor Wolf to roll back a hundred plus years of the labor movement for something they chose to not put their names on.

This is another reason why the Pennsylvania Democratic Party will be in permanent ruins.

Listen to Kevin and I talk about this bill BELOW

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