Bill Clinton Speaks in Harrisburg; Takes Shots at “Disillusioned” Young Voters & Sanders’ Public Higher Ed Plan

Earlier today, Former President Bill Clinton stumped for his wife Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the Raging Chicken Press has the full audio below.  The former president spoke in front of a few hundred Hillary Clinton supporters,  public school students and members from the local community underneath the Commonwealth flag inside the Keystone Building’s granite atrium.  State government workers were seen peering down from the balconies and through their office windows; some as high as 6 stories up.

President Clinton was introduced by Harrisburg based State Representative Patty Kim and he took the time to thank Harrisburg’s Mayor, Eric Papenfuse and Pennsylvania’s First, Lady Frances Wolf.  He started off by praising President Obama and the accomplishments he achieved during his presidency, bringing the country back from financial and economic destruction and the frustrations that are fueling this campaign.

The former president did find time to take jabs at the young voters who are supporting Bernie Sanders and the progressive candidate himself.  After talking about the recovery the country has gone through over the past 8 years, he told the crowd “if all the young people who claimed to be disillusioned now had voted in 2010, we wouldn’t had loss the Congress and probably have our income back.”

The next big swipe at Sanders supporters came when he was talking about Bernie Sanders’ plan to have tuition free public higher education.  Clinton mentioned that Sanders’ plan is unattainable because states would have to match on third of the federal government’s two-thirds spending on the plan.  He then used the state’s ongoing budget crisis as an example as to why Sanders’ plan would not work.  Clinton asked the crowd “what do you think the odds are that this legislature in Pennsylvania would pay for one-third of free tuition for everyone.”  The crowd chuckles in response.

After that Clinton kept the subtleties to himself and was promoting Clinton’s higher education plan for college students in all universities, public and private.  He also took the time to acknowledge the ongoing heroine epidemic that is ripping through our state.


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