Is Pennsylvania’s Abortion Ban Dead?

House Bill 1948, Pennsylvania’s 20 week abortion ban, is on life support and it appears that the bill may be dead for the remainder of the legislative session.  Pennsylvania Legislative Services  is reporting that the bill would not be voted on until the beginning of May because of large bi-partisan support.

However, we have been getting word that the bill will not come up for a House vote after the primaries because the legislature will start to focus on getting a budget passed.

It’s unclear if this was a money grab by House Republicans or if this was a way for Representative Kathy Rapp to fight off a primary challenger from the the right, but one thing is certain, Planned Parenthood and Governor Wolf appeared to have won the day by allowing women who have had abortions after 20th week of their pregnancies to talk about why they had to terminate their pregnancies due to severe medical issues with the fetus or the mother.


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