House Speaker Mike Turzai Cuts Microphone on Democratic Leaders for Speaking out Against 20 Week Abortion Ban

Throughout the past week, we have been covering House Bill 1948 – which would be one of the country’s most restrictive abortion bans – and the undemocratic, non-transparent lengths House Republicans have gone to ram this legislation through the House.  The bill was introduced on a Friday, passed out of a Health Committee hearing that did not have a scheduled time and has an expected vote next week.  It is still unknown if the Senate wants to take up the legislation, but some are speculating that Senate Conservatives are eager to take up the bill.

Yesterday, as House members were debating on whether or not to move the bill to third consideration – a parliamentary process on advancing the bill to a final Floor vote – House Speaker Mike Turzai cut the microphone from Democratic Caucus Chair Dan Frankel.  Representative Frankel was speaking out about the lack of transparency and debate going on through this process.


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