#PAHouse: Republicans Revive Attacks on Reproductive Rights Days After Trump’s Abortion Gaffe

Pennsylvania House Republicans are expected to move a bill limiting abortion – from 24 weeks to 20 weeks – through committee and possibly the House this week.  Pennlive reports:

The state House’s Health Committee is scheduled Monday to take up a bill that would limit abortions to cases of medical necessity after 20 weeks of pregnancy, instead of the current 24-week ceiling.

House Bill 1948 would also sharply curtail the use of a common second-trimester abortion technique known as dilation and evacuation, in which the fetus is extracted with tools, their bodies often torn apart in the process.

In many cases, doctors say, it is the safest abortion technique for a mother after the first trimester.

But under this bill the technique would be defined as “dismemberment abortion,” and it too would only be permitted in cases where the mother would otherwise be at risk of death or “substantial and irreversible” loss of major bodily functions.

This, as you know, comes days after Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump claimed that women should be punished by the legal system for going through with the procedure.  He then walked back those statements after Pro-Choice and Pro-Life organizations criticized his actions.

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