Raging Chicken Interview with PA Senate Candidate, John Fetterman: Inequality is THE Issue

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to sit down with John Fetterman who’s running for the Democratic Party nomination for the PA Senate. Last night, Fetterman took part in a debate at the Keystone Progress Summit with the two other Democratic party candidates, Katie McGinty and Joe Sestak.

You may know Fetterman as the straight-shooting, 6’8″ tattooed Mayor of the former steel town, Braddock, PA. His success in turning around the fortunes of that dying steel town have become somewhat legend in the history of PA politics. While his staunch defense of Pennsylvania’s working class and the “forgotten cities” scattered across the Commonwealth have earned him a legion of strong supporters in Western Pennsylvania, this year his campaign to win Democratic Party nomination to take on Pat Toomey in this year’s Senatorial election is tapping into the same energy that we see in Bernie Sanders’s presidential run.

In my interview with him, we discussed what motivates him to keep on fighting to bring inequality to the forefront of this year’s election and in his life’s work.

We’ve broken up the interview in several segments below:

Part 1: Why he gave up a six-figure salary after grad school to move back to PA and take up the fight against inequality:

Part 2: Inequality is not a single issue, it’s the issue:

Part 3: A Senator for the other side of the coin; for the forgotten cities in Pennsylvania: 

Part 4: Biography Matters: On the difference between the Democratic candidates for PA Senate:

Part 5: On building on the message of his campaign for Pennsylvania

Part 6: Thoughts ahead of Saturday’s Nevada Democratic Party caucuses:


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