#WatchingWagner: Senator Wants To Bring Some Good Ole Private Sector Restructuring to Harrisburg

The day after Governor Wolf’s budget address State Senator Scott Wagner gave a twenty minute response to the budget on the Senate Floor, and the response was a prototypical Scott Wagner speech that attacked the thought of higher taxes and blamed the state’s budget issues on teachers, college professors and public sector employees enjoying lavish benefits.  The Senator took the time to remind everyone that he started his business from scratch and did not buy the business from his father or grandfather.

Then over the weekend, the senator sent an email to his most ardent supporters that “it is time to Restructure Harrisburg” the private sector way.  It is remained to be seen if Senator Wagner can make Governor Wolf another One Term Tom, but the Senator seems committed to paint the governor as a wealthy elitist.   He thinks that, as a child, Governor Wolf was “picked on at his elite boarding school – little rich bullies run up and kick sand in the other kids faces and run away.”

The trash collector from York County also took time to reflect on Governor Tom Wolf’s budget address and how the Governor stated that there was a deal between House Republican Leadership and the Governor’s office.

Senator Wagner claimed that there was a “deal” between himself and the Governor for a three hour sit-down meeting during the last week of December, but when then the time came for the December 22nd meeting (the day the budget imploded), “Governor Wolf broke that gesture of honor” by cutting the meeting to 35 minutes.

After the Governor’s budget address, Wagner claims that “most Democratic House and Senate Members do not want to vote for any tax increases” because many “secretly agree with my assessment but their leadership is keeping them in line with intimidation tactics.”

Why should Senator Wagner be considered a serious leader for restructuring Harrisburg?  Here’s his reasoning:

I have an advantage coming from the private sector – I continue to operate several business [sic] so I get to see first-hand the current business climate.

But this will not happen over night or “while he is office [sic].”

It will be interesting to see how the feud between Scott Wagner and Tom Wolf develop in the following year since this is an election year.  Senator Wagner is known to throw his money around to influence House and Senate races.


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