#WatchingWagner: Scott Wagner Launches Unofficial 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign.

Going into Governor Tom Wolf’s second budget address, there are two things that will be certain.  This year is an election year, which means that there will be another protracted budget fight  as both sides – mainly the Republicans – dig in try to possibly fend off more conservative primary challengers, and secondly, this year will bring the unofficial official launch of State Senator Scott Wagner’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

As 2016 was just beginning, the senator from York was reflecting on the ongoing budget stalemate and how his party should finish the next at their annual winter meetings.  He told those the onlookers “we had [Governor Wolf] down on the floor with our foot on his throat and we let him up.  Next time we won’t let him up.

Then a couple of day’s later, Senator Wagner sent an email using populist driven rage aimed at Governor Wolf.  Coming from someone who makes a fortune off of municipal government contracts, but tells his readers “it is time to take off the gloves with Governor Wolf and get out on the field and settle this once and for all.

There is already a self funded billionaire running president using violent campaign rhetoric to tap into populist anger in the conservative base, and Pennsylvania will be dealing with the same thing, a self funded millionaire running for Governor using violent rhetoric to tap into the populist anger of the conservative base.

There’s a self funded billionaire using violent rhetoric to stoke populist anger running for president, and it appears that there’ll be a self funded millionaire using violent rhetoric to stoke populist rage running for Governor in 2018.

#WatchingWagner is a new segment on the Raging Chicken Press and it will track State Senator Scott Wagner through the upcoming budget season and his ongoing unofficial gubernatorial campaign.  Tips can be sent to SeanKitchen@RagingChickenPress.org


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