There is Only One Way to a #PaBudget

There is one clear message coming from Harrisburg.  House Republicans are unable to govern and pass a budget that the Governor will sign.  After the Senate passed a budget that the Governor will sign by a 43-7 vote, Republicans sent House Bill 1460 to the floor by a 22-15 party line vote, but in the end, it will be the House Democrats – with the help of a handful of Republicans who will save the day and get pass the budget that all other parties have agreed to.


Because House Republicans will not be able to cobble together enough votes to pass HB 1460.  The House Appropriations Committee sent HB 1460, their budget, to the floor, but insiders are worried that House Majority Leader David Reed will fill the bill with Democratic amendments leaving it up to House D’s and handful of Republicans t0 pass and attach amendments to the bill that reflect what the Senate passed.  Why?  Because the House GOP cannot garner the votes they need to pass their own budget.

This is very reminiscent to last year’s transportation bill.  Governor Corbett and Republicans would not have been able to pass the billion dollar spending bill and without the help of House Democrats, Republicans will not be able to pass a budget because they cannot get the House Republican Caucus under control.

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