#PABudget: SB 76 a Vehicle Towards a Shale Tax?

Since we’re going into the holiday season without a budget, here’s some Thanksgiving speculation on possibly the last stunt in a budget stalemate full of stunts.

This week’s anticipated vote on SB 76 is nothing more than a political stunt.  The Republican Leadership and just about everyone who co-signed the bill knows that this is a horrible piece of legislation that panders to their base.  The bill would completely eliminate property taxes as a way to fund public education and then force everyone else to pay a lot more in income and sales taxes to cover the lost revenues.

If, and when, the bill comes up for a vote in the Senate with 27 or 28 Senators voting for it, the bill will then be passed by the House and sent to the Governor’s desk where Republican Leadership will be begging for veto because it’s a horrible piece of legislation.  A veto will give the GOP leadership the “we gave it the college try” talking point to bring back to their base and Governor Wolf will look like the villian.

After that happens, Governor Wolf gets his shale tax and we celebrate a nice Christmas and enjoy the 2 months until the next budget address.


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