Pennsylvania Democrats Colored the Map Blue on Tuesday night.

Above is an “unofficial” map from Tuesday’s judicial election, but Pennsylvania Democrats pretty much colored the map blue.  Continuing on last year’s thumping of Governor Corbett, every county from Monroe, Carbon and Schuylkill down to Chester and Delaware went Democrat.  In Chester and Schuylkill, the three republican judges were only able to crack the leadership position; one in Chester and two in Schuylkill.

Here are the results from 2014’s election

2014 Gov Wolf Corbett
Chester 51.8 48.2
Mont 59.9 40.1
Bucks 52.3 47.7
Phila 88 12
Delaware 61.1 38.9
Northampton 55 45
Lehigh 54.7 45.3
Berks 51 49
Schuykill 54.5 45.5
Carbon 53.8 46.2
Monroe 57.1 42.9

Here’s the share of the vote respective candidates brought in for their party in those counties.

2015 Judicial Dems Republicans
Chester 49.9 50.1
Mont 59.6 40.4
Bucks 55.3 44.7
Phila 88.6 11.4
Delaware 52.9 47.1
Northampton 54.8 45.2
Lehigh 55.3 44.7
Berks 54.9 45.1
Schuykill 49.8 50.2
Carbon 56.3 43.7
Monroe 57.1 42.9

The Lehigh Valley is a part of the state that will swing future elections.  Question is, will we the Lehigh Valley join the Philadelphia Metro Area and turn the eastern half of Pennsylvania blue?

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