The Moment Hillary Clinton Won Me Over

For the Democratic Primary, I am supporting Bernie Sanders for President because I believe in what he is campaigning on, but in reality, I know that the chances of him winning the nomination is a long shot.  He’s been campaigning on strengthening labor unions, combating income inequality and pushing the dialogue to the left.  Hopefully, hell be able to shift the Overton Window, like Elizabeth Warren has done, to the left on many issues.

Back in June, I wrote that I would not support a Hillary Clinton presidency, but yesterday, at the Benghaaaaaaaaaazi Hearing, I came to realize that I can stomach a Hillary Clinton presidency.  The GOP pretty much gift-wrapped her the presidency with an 11 hour non-presidential presidential debate where she kept her cool.

This upcoming election is important for one reason and one reason only.  The next president will most likely pick two Supreme Court judges, with the possibility of picking up to four new justices.  Ginsburg and Breyer (two liberal judges) are 82 and 77, Kennedey, who has acted as a swing vote on many issues, is 79 and Scalia, one of the most conservative judges on the bench, is also 79.

A Clinton presidency can put younger justices on the “liberal side” of the bench and possibly swing the Supreme Court to a 5-4 or 6-3 court favoring Democrats.

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2 Comments on The Moment Hillary Clinton Won Me Over

  1. 1. Hillary is spelled with (2) L’s, might want to correct that title and the misspellings throughout the article.

    2. Hillary took private donations from hostile nations and organizations in exchange for political influence.

    3. Hillary used her private server to communicate classified information, got caught, publicly lied about it on numerous occasions, was proven to be a liar when the FBI uncovered her deleted emails, and then she played it off with jokes and conspiracy theories once she was caught with her pants down.

    4. The Clinton’s threatened Biden into not running, and we all know what happens to enemies of the Clinton’s. (Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, etc, etc, etc)

    5. Hillary flip flops on controversial topics like a fish out of water depending on the direction of the winds that day.

    6. Hillary quits when the going gets tough. Some folks are quick to forget that she left the State Department in complete disgrace after her epic failure as Secretary of State. (contrary to Hillary’s belief, the quality of a SoS is NOT measured by miles flown)

    7. Benghazi, enough said.

    8. Hillary’s level of audacity, pompousness, and disregard for anyone besides herself is literally unparalleled. The fact that she laughed and smiled while being questioned on the deaths of Americans yesterday was nothing short of despicable, and truly shows the kind of person that she really is.

    If you really think that 4 years of Hillary destroying this country is worth potential seats on the Supreme Court, then that’s your opinion, but the liberal stench on this website is simply too much to handle anymore. Unsubscribed.

    • Thank you for pointing out the typo, but it is fixed.
      Judging on your previous comments on this website supporting legislation turning Pennsylvania into an “english only” state, I believe that you have the intelligence on figuring out what our stances are on this website.

      In previous administrations (HW Bush and the Gipper), there were dozens upon dozens of state department members murdered by extremists, but we do not see Democrats vilifying them for that. These hearings have gone on longer than than the 9/11 commission and Watergate. In the past month Republican leaders admitted that these hearings are to make Clinton look bad. That’s coming from your own party.

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