State House Wants to Take Up Iran Issue as #PABudget Debate Drags On

Lets file this one in the “Things That Are Better Than Working On A Budget” Folder.  The legislature is closing in on 70 days without a budget, school districts are starting to borrow cash to stay afloat and one district in particular has teachers working for free, but, hey!  Iran!  Red meat for the base.

House Representative Matt Baker has introduced HR 469 and which will ask the State House to urge the “Congress of the United States to reject the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action relating to Iran’s nuclear program.”

Last month Representative Baker issued the following Co-sponsorship memo:

In May 2015 Congress enacted the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 to establish an approval process for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program.  This Act gives Congress 60 days from the date of to review and approve or disapprove the Plan’s nuclear deal.  Members of Congress are lining up on both sides of this issue.  President Obama has indicated that he will veto any resolution passed by Congress that rejects the deal.

Recent news reports indicate that members of Congress from both parties are concerned with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and its potential negative impact on the security of the United States.  We agree that the plan creates unacceptable risks for the United States, as well as for Israel and many other nations around the world.

Additionally, we are concerned that Iran will reap many benefits from the Plan, while being subject only to voluntary restrictions relating to the development of its nuclear capacity.  Also alarming is that the lifting of sanctions could result in additional financial resources for terrorist organizations and activities.

If you share these concerns, please consider joining us in cosponsoring this resolution calling on Congress to disapprove of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and, if necessary, override the President’s promised veto of a disapproval resolution.

I hope you join me in co-sponsoring this important resolution. Thank you for your interest and support

It had the support of Daryl Metcalfe and Mark Cohen.   On top of that the resolution has the support of 23 other House members.

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