#PaBudget: Public School Teachers Working for Your Indiegogo Donations

Instead of pounding the sidewalks holding signs that read “Will Work for Food,” Chester Upland school teachers are holding metaphorical twenty-first century signs that state “Will Work for Your Indiegogo Donations.”

That’s because teachers at Chester Upland School District, one of the Commonwealth’s poorest school districts, have decided to start the school season working without pay.  The school district, which is under control of the state, serves 7,200 students, 3,800 who attend charter schools.

To make payroll and make sure the school district opened on time, Governor Wolf requested to cut the district’s payments to its charter schools by $25 million, but that was shot down by the Delaware County Court.

If it appears that Groundhogs Day is happening 6 months ahead of schedule, that’s because it is.  In the face of Governor Corbett’s drastic $1 billion public education cuts, Chester Upland School Teachers decided to work for free because the district ran out of money in January 2012, but this time around, Chester Upland Teachers are taking advantage of the sharing and crowdfunding economy that has emerged over the past three years.

Supporters of the Chester Upland teachers have established an Indiegogo account that reads:

In the midst of the financial turmoil faced by the Chester Upland School District, our teachers have vowed to show up for our kids (possibly without pay). Now, I ask that we show up for our teachers! Please help us raise money to support the salaries of these committed men & women their support staff.  Whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated and will be donated directly to the teachers & support personnel.  Remember, our kids are not the future, they are the now!!! So, I urge all of you to let’s start investing in them!!!

Sharing is caring, so help these teachers out.


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