Pennsylvania Editoral Board Calls for Congressional Pie Fight Over Planned Parenthood Hoax and Abortion Issue

The Patriot News editorial board hath spoken on the James O’Keefe style hit job aimed at Planned Parenthood, and they have righteously called for a one sided Pie Fight in front of Congress on this whole abortion issue.

The editorial board called the chopped up comments from the Deborah Nucatola’s, the target of The Center for Medical Progress, “sheer ghoulishness” and “seeming callousness” the likely intent of the mashed up video.  Mission Accomplished.

The opinion piece then offeres some jibber jabber arguments from both sides of this latest dust up, and then suggested that the Planned Parenthood should engage in a faux both sides debate hosted by some Republican Controlled Committee or Subcommittee.

The best paragraph comes towards the end of article.  They state: “though there is high potential for theater in such a proceeding.”  Ya think?  Glad you admitted that!  And ended with “we nonetheless believe that a full airing, before Congress, with both sides presenting evidence, is the best and most efficient way of clearing the air on this issue.”  Huh?  An editorial board calls for something that they know will end in a huge pie fight!  Say it ain’t so…

A Pie Fight in front of a Republicans controlled congressional committee will absolutely change nothing in the hearts and minds of the Party that makes anti-choice, anti-contraception and anti-poor women the policy pillars of their party.  I am sorry.  It wont.

Just this past week, Republican lawmakers introduced bills in Washington that would allow employers to fire single mothers or women who got pregnant out of the traditional barriers of marriage.  On top of that, the Republican party would want to make it mandatory for contraception to be available as an over the counter drug, which would take the medicine out of the hands of poor women.

The party that should call these hearings, in the view of the Patriot News editorial board, uses abstinence only sex education up as one of their main party platforms.  For instance, in Mississippi, “76 percent of Mississippi teenagers report having sex before the end of high school,” and 33 percent end up becoming teenage mothers.  This is in a state that bans comprehensive sex education.  Meanwhile, Colorado, a state that offers a sane sex-education program, has witnessed a 40 percent drop in teen pregnancies and 42 percent drop in teen abortions when free contraception is available.

The Patriot News editorial board can call for their “pie fight” in front of Congress, but facts are facts.  We should not allow a party that is anti-sex, anti-contraception and anti-poor women be calling the shots when it comes to having a Congressional investigation over Planned Parenthood allegedly selling body parts and the services they hold for women.


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