BREAKING: Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Shoots Down ‘NRA-Can-Sue-Everyone Law’ Aimed at Local Gun Control Ordinances

Correction: The court decision was handed down by the Commonwealth Court, not the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

On Governor Corbett’s way out the door, the former governor left Pennsylvanians with a steaming pile of NRA crap.  Governor Corbett signed legislation that would allow the NRA or NRA members to sue cities and municipalities over gun ordinances days after losing to Governor Wolf.  Today, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has restored some bit a sanity in the Commonwealth.

On the internet, Daylin Leach stated in Daylin Leach fashion:

Obsessive, compulsive, almost-stalky readers of my posts will remember that when the legislature passed a law saying the NRA can sue municipalities for passing any ordinance with the word “gun” in it, I sued to have it struck down as unconstitutional. Today, the Commonwealth Court ruled for me. The NRA-Can-Sue-Everyone law is no more!! A great victory. More to come today…

Last winter, the NRA sued Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lancaster over local democracy.  At the time, the Inky wrote:

Armed with a new state law, the National Rifle Association has sued Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Lancaster over gun-control measures each has adopted.

The three cities have “openly defied” a 40-year-old state law that forbids municipalities from regulating firearms, said Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

According to the Commonwealth Court’s ruling, Act 192 was ruled illegal because it did not follow procedural parameters.  The NRA legislation was a poison pill that was slipped into a bill dealing with secondary metal thefts, thus violating the state’s “original purpose” and “single subject” rules.

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