West Chester U President to Unveil “New Budget Process” Today Following Whistleblower Lawsuit

In a meeting at today, West Chester University president, Greg Weisenstein, is expected to unveil a new budget process to a select group of campus leaders. The meeting comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed against WCU by the university’s Director of Budget and Financial Planning, Colleen Bradley, alleging that she was wrongly terminated for blowing the whistle about the university’s “false and misleading” budgets. The “University Leaders 2016-2017 Budget Process Meeting” will take place in Philips Memorial Building Boardroom at 2:30 p.m on West Chester’s campus.

Weisenstein has not released details of what the new budgeting process will be, but it is expected to be based upon an independent consultant’s report commissioned by the university at the beginning of 2015, according to campus sources. The 4 page report obtained by Raging Chicken Press, echoes some of the concerns raised by Bradley regarding a budget process that lacked transparency, formal procedures, and clear lines of communication with key constituencies. The report was written by retiring Southeast Missouri State University president, Ken Dobbins, who also works as a consultant for AASCU-Penson Center for Professional Development.


It remains to be seen whether or not West Chester University’s administration is prepared to face the full weight of Bradley’s allegations. It does seem interesting that Weisenstein brought in a paid consultant to review the university’s budget process at the very moment they were moving to fire Bradley for blowing the whistle on university administrators purposely misrepresented the university’s budget, according to her lawsuit.

We shall see what comes of this.

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1 Comment on West Chester U President to Unveil “New Budget Process” Today Following Whistleblower Lawsuit

  1. The emails cited in Bradley’s lawsuit pretty much unambiguous.

    It seems bunch of conmen have been in charge the university’s budget for years.

    Suddenly they see the light? That seems laughable.

    If WCU leadership is such a big part of the cultural fabric/direction of the West Chester community, as they and others profess, perhaps West Chester should check its moral compass.

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