Kutztown University Student Newspaper Reports on Raging Chicken Coverage of Worker Abuse at the University

The story of worker abuse at Kutztown University continues to resonate across the university’s campus and the Commonwealth.

In a story published last week, Moriah Thomas reported on Raging Chicken Press’s coverage of worker abuse at Kutztown for the student newspaper, The KeystoneThomas’s story included an exclusive interview with Raging Chicken Press editor, Kevin Mahoney, who first broke the story at the end of March. You can read Raging Chicken Press’s full coverage of the story HERE.

In the article, Thomas notes some of the possible positive outcomes of the Raging Chicken Press story:

Amidst allegations and administrative transitions on campus, Mahoney sees hope in these areas.

He said, “There is a lot of hope right now in a lot of places across campus because of the new administration coming in and I think a lot of people see this as an opportunity to really change that {hostile/abusive} culture.”

As of this post, The Keystone article is only available in the print edition. We will update this article with the link if it does get posted to their web edition.

In the meantime, here a shot of the story:


Keystone WonStreet

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