#PaBudget: York County Republican Mistakes Capitalist Governor for a Socialist

It only took 80 days for someone to drop the “socialist” bomb on our capitalist governor Tom Wolf.  While appearing on WGAL at the end of the month, York County Republican Seth Grove described Governor Wolf’s property tax cuts and education funding formula as “the largest socialist redistribution plan” he has ever seen.

Mike Argento from the York Daily Record put it like this:

He took over his family business and nurtured it into a huge enterprise, leaving to serve in the Rendell administration as revenue secretary. In 2009, when the collapse of the housing market threatened the existence of his family business, he returned to the business and saved it. His business provides good jobs. It is dedicated to American manufacturers, creating jobs in this country and not Indonesia or China.

His business makes money. Lots of money.

If anything, he’s capitalist.

And then when talking about Seth Grove…

By contrast, take a look at Seth Grove’s professional career. His official bio only lists government work, and he was serving as chief of staff for Rep. Keith Gillespie, R-Hellam Township, when he ran for the Legislature in 2008. There was no mention of private sector employment.

So there’s that.


Pennsylvania is an ass backwards state when compared with the rest of the region, and country, one a lot of major issues and the way we fund public education is just another example.  The “socialist programs” that Seth Grove is attacking are Tom Wolf’s proposed property tax relief and reinstating a funding formula for low income school districts.  Pennsylvania is only one of three states that does not have a funding formula for public education, but it wasn’t always that way.  The state had a funding formula when Ed Rendell was Governor, but that was nixed in Governor Corbett’s billion dollar budget cut to public education.

The funding formula idea is such a successful big gubbamint socialist program it is in 47 states, but it is people like Seth Grove who want to keep us in stone age.



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2 Comments on #PaBudget: York County Republican Mistakes Capitalist Governor for a Socialist

  1. This tactic is known as “working the ref”–scream and yell loud enough at a basketball referee’s “calls” hoping the ref will move toward your team and back off a bit. In politics, you scream “socialist” to get the object of your scream to move off his/her stated position and move a bit toward the screamer’s position. A subtle form of intimidation and bullying, best ignored. Or, confront the screamer and charge Seth Grove with Robin Hood-in-reverse, revisionist-redistributionist policies which give even more advantages to mega-corporations while expecting the middle class to pay for his corporate welfare project. Seth, you’re stealing from the poor/middle class and to give to the rich and powerful. That’s socialism in reverse.

  2. The binary for people like him isn’t capitalist/socialist. It’s socialist/sociopath. Either you care about anybody else’s well-being, even if you aren’t related to or employed by them, or you don’t.

    And good catch on the fact that this guy, much like Paul Ryan and other high profile I-hate-big-gummint right-wing radicals (I refuse to call them “conservative” anymore because they’re nothing of the sort), has never done anything except live off the government.

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