Community Group Forms to Urge Schools to Highlight Experiences, Not Assessments, in Education

Free Showing of "Standardized" movie on Kutztown University campus on April 14th @ 6pm


Kutztown Area School District’s state standardized tests for grades 3-8, the PSSAs, are scheduled to begin on Monday, April 13. A community organization has formed to share concerns about the negative impact standardized testing has on our educational system.

MERIT (Maximize Experiences, Reduce Inordinate Testing) is a group of concerned citizens who seek to move the Kutztown Area School District toward broadening and diversifying means of assessing student learning in ways that do not penalize teachers or inhibit their ability to teach. They encourage the district to minimize the time, money, and other resources spent on preparing and taking forms of standardized assessment (including but not limited to PSSAs, Study Island, Imagine Learning, and CDTs) that do not support and enhance students’ learning experiences.

Free Showing of STANDARDIZED on April 14

On Tuesday, April 14, MERIT has organized a free screening of the documentary STANDARDIZED in Kutztown University’s Boehm Science Center, Room 145 at 6:00 PM.

A film by Dan Hornberg and Jim Del Conte, STANDARDIZED: Lies, Money & Civil Rights: How Testing Is Ruining Public Education sheds light on the general public’s misguided perception that standardized tests are useful tools in education. The film reveals that these tests first and foremost make a great deal of money for the test manufacturers (and education reformers), and provide practically no insight into student ability. STANDARDIZED clarifies just how much profit is generated by the tests and their supporting materials. Strong testimonials by educational experts show that the only people benefiting from the tests are those creating them. The concluding segment provides options to improve schools without testing.

The viewing of the documentary will be followed by a question and answer session with filmmaker Dan Hornberger. The event is free and open to the public.

You can check out the trailer of STANDARDIZED right here:


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2 Comments on Community Group Forms to Urge Schools to Highlight Experiences, Not Assessments, in Education

  1. It is great that a group has finally formed to take back their local school from the domination of the corporate testing cartels. I still wonder why there has been no “opt out” movement in Berks. I know Berks Countians seem to be fixated on obeying authority and following “orders.” But, I also thought Berks citizens were smart enough to know when they were being fleeced by people like the racketeers in the Standardized Testing Establishment. Informed people on the right as well as the left knew to opt out long ago! Finally, forming a group which will determine their local school district’s future and declare its independence, is a very positive step for Berks!

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