PA Republicans Lift Passages From Students First Handout when Attacking Teacher Seniority

Authors Note: This originally appeared on the Rick Smith Show! 

Earlier today, State Representative Stephen Bloom and State Senator Ryan Aument introduced House Bill 805 and Senate Bill 5, which are aimed at attacking teacher seniority.  In the press release issued by the two Republican legislators, Stephen Bloom stated:

“Research demonstrates that under a seniority-based layoff system, the more effective teacher is dismissed roughly four out of five times.”

Hmmm, where did that quote come from?  How about Students First’s “Elevating the Teaching Profession: Increasing Teacher Quality” policy paper?

On page 8 of the document, it reads:

“In other words, the more effective teacher is dismissed roughly four out of five times under a seniority-based layoff system

Here’s another quote from Bloom’s press release:

“While seniority-based dismissal decisions are sometimes touted as fair, in reality they ignore differences in teacher quality and disrupt more classrooms than performance-based layoffs.”

And in the very next paragraph in the Students First paper there’s this:

“Relative to performance-based systems, seniority-based layoffs disrupt more classrooms and affect more students as a result.”

Copy much Stephen Bloom?

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