#47Traitors: Joe Sestak “Pat Toomey Betrayed the Trust of Pennsylvanians”

On Friday’s Rick Smith Show, United States Senate candidate Joe Sestak took time from his cross-Commonwealth hike to talk about Pat Toomey signing Tom Cotton’s infamous Iran Letter.  When asked if Pat Toomey committed treason or if he betrayed his country, the former vice admiral did not mince words.  Sestak did not go as far as saying that Pat Toomey and the other 46 senators commit treason, but he did say that they betrayed their country by putting personal politics over the office of the presidency.

Sestak stated:

They have betrayed the trust that the citizens of America, particularly here in Pennsylvania with Senator Toomey, want to have in their elected representative.  That they would understand the constitution and the office of the presidency of the United States, and they would not let politics because they may so strongly disagree with what the president is doing or something, rise above the office of the presidency and its unrivaled role abroad.

Complete audio from today’s interview with Joe Sestak can be found on The Rick Smith Show’s website and will be available after the program.

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