#PhlEd: Tom Wolf to Bill Green: “Say Hello To My Little Friend”

Erik Arneson?  Check.

Healthy PA? Check.

Fracking Moratorium (which should go further) in state parks?  Check.

Death Penalty Moratorium?  Check.

Bill Green School Reform Commission?  Check.

Governor Wolf’s plan to dismantle the shit-stain legacy Tom Corbett left on Pennsylvania took another abrupt turn Sunday evening when Wolf whacked relieved Bill Green as head of the School Reform Commission.  During the campaign, Wolf said that he wants the Philadelphia School District to be locally controlled, and he took the first steps in delivering that promise.  Fictitious sources close to the situation heard Wolf tell Bill Green to “say hello to my little friend.”

Needless to say, tomorrow should be an interesting day on the capitol.

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2 Comments on #PhlEd: Tom Wolf to Bill Green: “Say Hello To My Little Friend”

  1. In 1975 I attended the Gettysburg College PSEA convention at which time I was impressed by the liberal speech given by a young Bill Green. Now I learn that Green, Jr.—I suppose of the same family—is one of the marauding hordes of privatizers and corporate raiders who want to kill PSEA and turn public education into a sham. The SRC is nothing but a device created to “legitimize” the implosion of the schools in Philly—-and the marauders next profit center is our suburban schools. Time to fight these hedge fund, Wall Street and foundation types like the Waltons and Bill Gates Foundations whose goal is privatization of all public schools. You know, make it a commodity and market it like a widget.

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