HUGE Rally in PA Capitol for a #FairBudget: Will Pennsylvania Catch the Wisconsin Bug? (Storify)

Photo credit: Jon Walker, @JonW_99, Twitter

Activists from across Pennsylvania converged on the Capitol today to rally for a fair budget. Today’s rally comes just five days before Gov. Tom Wolf will deliver his first budget address on March 3.

Yesterday, Gov. Wolf’s office released a short preview¬†of what Wolf will propose next week. That preview focused on cutting corporate taxes, moving closer to closing the Delaware Loophole, establishing a “Made in PA” job program, and linking higher education more closely with industry. The teaser was mum on what Wolf’s plans were for reversing¬†deep cuts in public education, making oil and gas drillers pay their fair share, protecting working families, or making sure Pennsylvanians have access to affordable health care. That will have to wait, it would seem, until Tuesday.

Wolf’s office may be keeping quiet about his budget priorities, but the activists who packed the Capitol rotunda today were anything but silent. Here’s a quick look into what today’s rally for a fair budget looked like as it unfolded on Twitter:


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