Tom Wolf Signs the Death Warrants. Not John Taylor, Gene Yaw, Seth Williams or Others Who Get Hard On’s for Killing People

The law and order contingent of the democratic party and the authoritarian Republican wings who have wet dreams when it comes to killing people (John Taylor, Gene Yaw and others) are pretty pissed off about Governor Tom Wolf’s moratorium on the death penalty.

Seth Williams wants to sue the Governor.

Philadelphia’s only republican, John Taylor, is “disappointed that Governor Wolf would declare a moratorium on the death penalty without political debate or considering the victims left behind,” and “concerned that he made his decision unilaterally, not in an open or transparent manner.”

Gene Yaw believes the “Governor’s moratorium on the death penalty, he has inflicted irreparable harm to the prosecution of the most serious offenses in the criminal justice system.  In one act, the Governor has slapped the faces of law enforcement officers who investigate murder cases, the prosecutors who bring these cases to trial, the jurors who sacrifice time and emotion in deciding the cases and the courts who hear the cases and review them on appeal.”

And Senator John Rafferty thinks “this was the result of a single stroke of the pen as opposed to the accepted principles of democracy, the voice of the people expressed through our jury system, and in my opinion, is contrary to our current legislation and judicial jurisprudence. The governor may oppose the death penalty but this is far too important of a decision to rest with one person. This is a matter that should be discussed and debated with the legislature in a public fashion so that the will and opinions of the people can be expressed”

No. No. And no.

John Taylor, Gene Yaw, John Rafferty , Seth Williams or others who have a hard on for killing people don’t sign the death warrants.  As governor, it is Governor Wolf’s decision if he’s going to sign a death warrant.  No one else’s, but his.

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