Why You Shouldn’t Be Surprised About Governor Wolf Introducing Himself to Legislators

In the month since moving to Harrisburg to work for the Rick Smith Show and blog for the Raging Chicken Press, I have had established my niche in a couple of neighborhood bars, and you should not be surprised about today’s Philadelphia Inquirer article on the new governor because the stories of Governor Wolf meeting with state legislators are the same stories I have heard from a number of Department of Revenue employees.

Today’s Inky article explains that Wolf has been roaming the capitol halls “just to say hi” to legislators on both sides of the aisle.  Tony DeLuca who’s a 15 term representative said what Governor Wolf is doing was unheard of in the four previous administrations he has dealt with.  Republicans have expressed the same sentiments when Governor Wolf knocks on their door and walks into their offices.

When I venture Midtown or Downtown Harrisburg for some weeknight happy hour specials, I’ve had the opportunity to strike  conversations with Department of Revenue employees and hear the amount of respect they have for their former boss. When Governor Wolf first started at the Department of Revenue under the Ed Rendell administration, Wolf spent the first few weeks travelling the building to meet every single employee who worked there.  After Wolf met with all of his employees, he would learn and then remember their names, and it didn’t matter if it was 6 weeks or 6 months after their initial introduction.  These employees have also noted that the amount of respect for Governor Wolf goes further than just remembering their names.  Wolf was known for treating his employees with dignity and respect because they chose to work as a bureaucrat and keep a part of government running and operational.

tremendous respect for Governor Wolf because of his interactions with them on a regular basis and because he appreciated the work and careers they have chosen to keep a branch of government running.

Don’t be surprised if you see more stories like this in the future.

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