Bernie Sanders Delivers Keynote Address to PA Progressive Summit | Audio

Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator from Vermont, delivered a Keynote address to a packed auditorium Saturday morning at the 2015 PA Progressive Summit. Sanders laid out a progressive agenda for the 2016 election cycle as he considers a run for president.

Sanders has been one of the strongest voices in Congress for working families since he first joined the body as a U.S. Representative in 1990.

Sanders’s talk┬ácharted the stark right-wing shift of the Republican Party over the past 30 years, the need to make Congress work for working families instead of the donor class, and the dominance a handful of billionaires such as the Koch brothers have on our political system. If Sanders has not made up his mind to make a 2016 presidential run, you certainly wouldn’t know it from this speech.

You can listen to Sanders’s entire address below.

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  1. Bernie’s common sense approach to making our country work for all of us is just what is needed. We have better people that can make the changes that are needed. Greed and war are bad ideas that drain everyone, both economically and emotionally. Opportunity for all is possible. Hold those elected responsible for the success and failures of this country. Hold the public responsible for failure to make this happen.

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