Raging Chicken Press Welcomes Elizabeth Crews as Our Spring 2015 Intern!

RCP Intern SquareEditor’s Note: This spring Raging Chicken Press has an intern who will be getting some hands-on experience doing activist media. I asked her to write a brief introduction to introduce herself to all of you. If you get the chance, say hello in the comment section below!

My name is Elizabeth Crews and I am a senior Professional Writing student at Kutztown University. I have two minors, one in Public Relations and the other in Communication Studies, but I am very passionate about rhetoric and advocacy. Eventually, I would like to continue my education in rhetoricĀ to become a college professor and the Raging Chicken Press will give me much-needed experience.

I am very interested in issues involving LGBT, feminism, and race. I am looking forward to growing as both a writer and an activist through this internship and I hope to continue writing for this site after I graduate.

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