York Daily Record Throws Some High Cheese at Scott Wagner’s Attacks on Public Sector Workers

The York Daily Record editorial board threw a fastball high and in on Scott Wagner’s latest attack on Pennsylvania’s working class families.

Last week, the York county garbage collector issued a press release stating that the senator was in the process of circulating a co-sponsorship memo to amend the state constitution for his little pet project, paycheck deception.  The press release stated:

“We tried to end this process for government unions statutorily last session, but unfortunately we fell short in votes,” explained Senator Wagner. “After a lot of thought, I decided that the best way to clean up this process and make it more ethical is to amend the Constitution. This way, we stop paying to collect political money for all organizations, not just the government unions. It’s wrong to use taxpayer resources for political purposes, and the use of our payroll systems as the collection agents for political causes is a violation of that principle.”

Wagner’s hometown newspaper, the York Daily Record, which isn’t really the bastion for liberal thought in Pennsylvania, published a scathing oped that calls out the seriousness of Wagner’s constitutional amendment.  In Pennsylvania, passing a constitutional amendment is a four year process.  It has to pass the General Assembly in two consecutive sessions and then pass a popular vote by Commonwealth denizens.

The York Daily Record called Wagner’s effort “the proverbial squashing of a mosquito with a sledgehammer,” and goes continues with:

Here’s a York County businessman who seems to have an incredible amount of money to throw around to influence politics and policy in this state, trying to make it harder for public-sector union members to band together to exert their own influence on state issues.

The editorial takes the stance that union agendas may “not always in the taxpayers’ best interests,” but that they still have the same right to organize as the “wealthy, anti-government garbage company owners who (ironically) profit from municipal monopoly contracts have a right to organize against them.”

There can also be an unintended consequence to this amendment.  It can possibly go after charitable organizations like the United Way because they are “funded via state paycheck deductions, and some of their activities might be construed as political.”


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