Scott Wagner Gets His Chance to Punch Down on State’s Poorest for Two Years

Last spring, millionaire garbageman Scott Wagner bought his senate seat stunned GOP leadership by winning a write-in campaign in a special election for his York County senate seat.  Then when the 2014 session was coming to an end, the senator compared union leaders to Adolf Hitler and threatened senate leadership with a – metaphorical – baseball bat if he didn’t get his own way.

Now the York County, Louisville Slugger has been awarded the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee Chair position.  Because nothing will solve income disparity in some of Pennsylvania’s poorest cities than putting a millionaire who hates working class families in charge of a committee that oversees legislation that affects working class families.

Per a Republican press release:

HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) has been appointed by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) to serve as Chairman of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee.

“This is a great fit for me with my background as a small business owner,” Wagner said.  “I’m very excited to hit the ground running and use this committee as a way to encourage job growth and economic vitality in every community in our state.”

Wagner said he intends to sit down with prior Chairman, Senator Dave Argall, to gain insight into the primary issues the Committee has dealt with in the past.  Wagner anticipates the Committee will be involved in a number of key issues including fighting urban blight, resolving landlord-tenant issues, promoting downtown development and community revitalization, and encouraging job-creation.

“Considering York City is in my district, a city that is facing financial difficulties and that has a failing school system, I foresee many opportunities with this committee to delve into the problems our cities are facing and to find solutions to those problems,” said Wagner.

At least Scott Wagner will have a couple of years punching down on the state’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens.




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