PA Republican Calls President Obama “Emperor of the United States” Over Immigration Announcement

In a facebook screed against President Obama’s executive action on immigration reform, Pennsylvania State Representative – and Republican! – Mike Vereb posted the following screed:

I cannot believe that the Emperor of the United States is actually going to follow through with this announcement.  If you want to know why Washington is in gridlock?  These types of actions don’t help.  The people have spoken and elected a new congress.  To snub and cancel out their vote by executive order will back lash on him and democrats.  Put the bag of popcorn in the microwave and hit start.

I think he meant put the catnip in the microwave…


But wait, it gets better.  His Facebook friends chime in and watch the hilarity ensue with one person posting “Screw obama and allah!”  Because AMUUUUUURICA! WOOOOOO!


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