#PutPeople1st: Live Tweeting from Put People First’s 2nd Annual Convention Today

Photo credit: Put People First PA | @PPF_PA

Over the next two days, Put People First PA will be holding it’s second annual statewide convention in Philadelphia. Raging Chicken Press’s Sean Kitchen will be at the meeting along with about 100 members of Put People First PA from across the state. Put People First is inviting everyone to follow along and join in on Facebook and Twitter. Here is how the event is described on their webpage:

“We are many. We are one!” — Our 2nd annual membership assembly is coming this weekend in Philadelphia.

It’s not everyday that regular people come together across the state and across lines of division like race, gender, and geography to talk about building a movement together to win our human rights, so we want to make sure that what happens at the assembly resonates far and wide.

Whether you’re coming to the assembly or you can’t make it but still want to be a part of the experience and help promote our work, there’s a couple things you can do to help spread the word about PPF and our assembly-

  1. Change your profile picture to the one attached to this post. It’s a powerful way to reach a lot of people!
  2. Use the #PutPeople1st hashtag on facebook and twitter to join in the conversation with people at the assembly, and to tell others about Put People First! PA

You can join in the discussion on Twitter and see how Put People First is working to build a broad movement right here:

#PutPeople1st Tweets

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