#PaGov: A Corbett Investigation that Should Happen

For the past month, Governor Corbett has had a ghostworker scandal brewing within his administration, and with the most recent allegations about the scandal, it is time for Attorney General to investigate this subject.

At the end of July, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that former Department of Education Secretary Ronald Tomalis had been working as a “higher education adviser” and produced very little work.  When confronted about the allegations, Governor Corbett claimed that Tomalis was not a ghostworker, and acting Department of Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq backed up those claims saying that Ronald Tomalis has a nameplate on some door within the Department of Education office building.  On top of that, Dumaresq admitted to deleting supposed emails between herself and Tomalis on a nightly basis.  While Tomalis was a ghostworker, he was lobbying for Governor Corbett’s pension busting reforms and his state pension retirement account received large windfalls – to the sum of an extra $7,000 a year in payouts – during the time he was a lobbying ghostworker.

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Tribune reported that Governor Corbett never met with Tomalis during his 2 1/2 year stint.  Bumsted writes:

State records show Corbett had no scheduled meetings with Tomalis, who was paid $139,000 a year. The Tribune-Review obtained copies of the governor’s calendar showing no meetings from May 15, 2013 — the date Tomalis became his adviser after almost 2½ years as Education secretary — through mid-July.

It’s time for Kathleen Kane to open an investigation into this issue, and maybe Governor Corbett can become bunkmates with Bill DeWeese and other former state representatives that he put in prison for public corruption?

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