#PAGov: Tom Corbett’s Media Strategist Defends Ernst’s Use of Nullification

On Hardball earlier this evening, Chris Matthews covered Joni Ernst’s nullification video which was released by The Daily Beast.  In the video, the Iowa senatorial candidate said “as a U.S. senator, why should we be passing laws that the states are considering nullifying.” So Ernst is kinda for nullification and continued with “we are way overstepping bounds as federal legislators. “We should not be passing laws as federal legislators, senators, or congressman that the states would even consider nullifying.”  Or Ernst is using dog whistle politics to rouse the base.

On Hardball, Chris Matthews invited John Brabender, whose campaign experience includes Tom Corbett’s reelection run and Rick Santorum’s failed presidential run, and asked what Brabender thought about her position on nullification.  Brabender says.

I got to be honest.   This whole question in a sense is the craziness of Washington.  We’re going to have this conversation ‘what did [Ernst] mean of nullification.”

And was asked “what do you think she meant?”

Brabender continues:

“I don’t know.  Does it matter?  Looking at what she said.  The context of what she was saying in to people in Iowa was ‘lets just have common sense.'”

Matthews goes on to read the definition of nullification and bring up the events leading up to the war over nullification.

Brabendenr responds:

“But you want to get involved with constitutional law of what she was saying about nullification.  Where the truth of the matter is in a very common sense way, she was saying ‘you know what?  In Iowa we shouldn’t have to live by everything they do in Washington.  When they do something stupid and they know no one is going to live by it, they shouldn’t do it.’ That’s the context.”

Then Joan Walsh unloads on Brabender.

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