#PAGov: What Tom Corbett Said about the Migrant Children Was Racist

The jury is still out whether Governor Tom Corbett is that racist uncle at the Thanksgiving Day table, but his “matter of fact” comments about the migrant children and the humanitarian crisis happening at the border were racist.  Plain and simple.  The governor took out his dog whistle and stated:

We feel for these children that they are fleeing their countries,” Corbett said. “We want to make sure they are taken care of and returned to their countries. But we also are concerned about their health and what they may cause as far as health issues in the state of Pennsylvania. From my standpoint, where they are coming in, there are certainly enough military bases in Texas and Arizona that the federal governmentcould at least house them there temporarily to make sure before they send them to any state that their health conditions are okay for that. That they’ve had all their immunizations and so forth because we have a strong concern on that. From a humanitarian stand point you want to make sure these kids get taken care of but they need to be returned to their country of origin.”

Then when asked if the children had diseases like the measles, he went on to say:

“Well, measles is one that, that comes to mind very quickly and, you know, whatever other diseases that they may or may not have.”

What Governor Corbett said was racist.  It negleced the fact that the children from these countries have vaccination rates higher than the United States.  His comments were aimed to gin up the white conservative base, the only group of people who will support the governor, for the upcoming election.

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