Family of PA Sen Candidate: We’re Not Homophobic; Protecting LGBTQ Members is Bad for Business

Yesterday at the Raging Chicken Press, we reported that State Senate candidate, and current PA House member, Michele Brooks is related to Garth Valesky, owner of Valeskys in Meadville PA.  At the local supermarket, Garth Valesky allowed a pastor to collect petition signatures that was in opposition to an ordinance that would grant members of the LGBTQ community workplace protections – IE: you can’t get fired for your sexual orientation.  Valesky also allowed the pastor to collect signs under a banner that read “Help US FIGHT the Homosexual Petition Before City Counsel.” Spelling errors included.

Well, last night, Meadville held a hearing and allowed Garth Valesky to speak.  At the meeting, Garth Valesky stated:

“First, I want to clarify that it is not the intent of this petition to discriminate against homosexuals or others.  The intent of our petition is to oppose an ordinance that has a proven track record of discrimination against businesses and residents.”

In other words:

I’m not a homophobic person.  Granting homosexuals workplace protections, like not allowed to fire them for their sexual orientation, is a burden against our business practices and our religion.

As you may recall, Garth Valesky’s cousin, Michele Brooks, supports amending the state constitution that defines marriage between one man and one woman and wants Governor Corbett to appeal the Whitehood vs. Wolf decision that overturned Pennsylvania’s same sex marriage ban.  Homophobia, it runs in the family.

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2 Comments on Family of PA Sen Candidate: We’re Not Homophobic; Protecting LGBTQ Members is Bad for Business

  1. lets put the “shoe on the other foot” what if a person could be fired just for being straight,and they were trying to get laws passed so that would not happen? and their were groups out there saying that they did not want straight people working for them, because they did not believe in straight people. then they would be yelling discrimination,and trying to pass laws to stop the discriminatory laws.

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